Piaget gives diamonds a sparkling new claim to nobility


Limelight Paris-New York 

Paris, New York: the very mention of these names is enough to spark countless dreams. Complex architecture, spectacular monuments, high fashion, luxury glamour, wild nights, fairytale lighting: these two legendary and fascinating cities have a great deal in common, as is eloquently revealed by the Limelight Paris-New York Haute Joaillerie collection.

Piaget is pursuing its exploration of these two worlds by presenting new models inspired by the City of Light: Paris. A marvel of engineering and symmetrical elegance, the Eiffel Towel has naturally fired the imagination of the brand’s designers. The arches and curves of the famous landmark, whether interpreted through sparkling necklaces studded with over 1000 brilliant-cut diamonds and three hanging diamonds, or delicately sprinkled with 200 diamonds and four rubies, gently follow the graceful curve of the neckline The earrings, also paved with precious stones, exude an airy sensuality reminiscent of the monument towering over the Champ-de-Mars.

Haute Couture is this collection’s other main source of inspiration, expressed in particular through the theme of corsets. A necklace featuring 1090 diamonds and 2 red spinels arranged like corset ribbons, flows down the back to spectacular effect. Echoing the same “dress code”, 324 diamonds delicately embrace a magnificent rubellite cushion to form a generous and passionately endearing ring. In the same spirit, Piaget introduces a stunning cuff-watch set with 1574 brilliant-cut diamonds, forming a luxurious corset delicately laced through by a ribbon of 83 baguette-cut diamonds. A perfect blend of watch and jewellery-making skills.

Two new “secret” watches embodying Piaget watch and jewellery craftsmanship

The symbiosis between the art of watchmaking and that of jewellery-making is undoubtedly embodied to the full in the two new “secret” watches by Piaget. These exceptional pieces shaped like intertwining leaves brilliantly enshrine the brand’s peerless know-how and perfectionism. Each of these incredibly complex and highly creative models each called for almost 2000 hours of patience and dexterity.

The first “secret” watch is distinguished by its 932 white diamonds and its elegantly full-set seven-branch bracelet. In all, it unfurls 78.4 carats of graceful purity, slender precision and sensitive charm, revealing the “underlying” time at a simple press on the smallest leaf.

More extravagant and fanciful due to its play on shades of white and yellow and its voluptuous shapes, the second 63.9-carat masterpiece reveals a double secret: lightly brushing across its marquise-diamond unveils a full-set dial and then pressing another diamond reveals a second dial. This splendid craftsmanship is also conveyed through a bracelet representing an anthem to gemmology and gem-setting and characterised by matchless lightness and suppleness.

In creating these new exceptional models, Piaget once again reinforces its leadership position in the art of marrying Haute Joaillerie and watchmaking, while giving diamonds a sparkling new claim to nobility.


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