Montblanc Personal Code Ink – Only One Person Will Own This Ink – You.


This new series is a milestone for Montblanc because it is the first brand to create writing instruments of unsurpassed quality which also feature a cutting-edge ink. Montblanc Personal Code Ink, as it is known, is comprised of components containing an invisible, inimitable botanical code which is similar to the human DNA code. “Only one person will own this ink – you,ö explains Montblanc.

The Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition – Truly One of a Kind

Inside a sleek, personalised, black lacquer precious wooden box, two Personal Code Ink Meisterstück writing instruments will be accompanied with a black calfskin pouch. The Meisterstück Signature Pen is an innovative edition of the classic Montblanc Meisterstück. Meanwhile, the Meisterstück Signature Pen´s felt tip will permanently apply your signature to almost any surface. So the barrel and cap are made of timeless, black precious resin. And while the cap is inlaid with Montblanc´s iconic, white star emblem – symbolising the snow-covered summit of Mont Blanc, Europe´s highest mountain, after which Montblanc is named – the Meisterstück Signature Pen is also embellished with arresting, gold-plated Meisterstück fittings, including the distinctive Montblanc clip and the three rings at its centre.

The rollerball in the Montblanc Personal Code Ink set – Meisterstück Solitaire Barley is also an exclusive model. Similar to the Meisterstück Signature Pen, gold-plated fittings enhance its platinum-hued barrel. The Montblanc emblem is in genuine mother-of-pearl and there is a precious diamond on the clip.

Ten Personal Code Ink refills are included with the Montblanc Personal Code Ink set, ensuring an exclusive, elaborate and distinctive flourish is lent to the everyday and enjoyable process of hand writing.

The authenticity of Montblanc Personal Code Ink will be verified by Montblanc, upon the presentation of a document, letter or memento bearing the owner´s handwriting. A forensic test will then reliably prove if Montblanc Personal Code Ink has, indeed, been utilized. Every request to verify authenticity will receive VIP treatment by means of an exclusive VIP Service through all Montblanc Boutiques worldwide and VIP Service Hotline available 24 hours a day and therefore be considered as a top priority and processed briskly. This matchless service will also prevail for Montblanc Personal Code Ink refill orders.

The Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition will be availabe from May 2010 at selected Montblanc boutiques worldwide where customers who are interested in acquiring the Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition will receive detailed information on this new Montblanc writing instrument edition.


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