The Concept: A collection beyond time and beyond fashion.

Mobiado is consistently guided by a philosophy of doing things differently, and this principle has now given rise to the 105GMT GOLD. A marriage of luxury mechanical watches and luxury mobile phones; a merger of tradition in watchmaking with the latest in mobile phone technology. The result of this conceptual approach had to be bold and unprecedented, yet technical and highly exclusive. To 105GMT GOLD will be limited to 50 masterpieces, with the limited edition number being machine engraved into the back of each phone. Noble in its quest, prestigious in its execution, while at the same time endowed with a phone-making spirit and contemporary style, the 105GMT GOLD is the expression of mechanical perfection, mastering of aesthetic details, and the integrity of consistent craftsmanship.

The Externals: Exceptional design and hand crafted sophistication.

Representing a daring wager on the future on the part of Mobiado, this novel and multidimensional idea of the Luxury Mechanical Watch Mobile Phone offers a new vision of what we refer to as “phonemaking”. The entire front and back of the 105GMT GOLD has been crafted from large pieces of sapphire crystal, presenting a modern minimalist look with a wear resistance second only to diamond. The 105GMT GOLD utilizes a unique and hidden sliding battery cover mechanism (patent pending) with the battery cover being made entirely from one large piece of sapphire crystal. The frame is precision CNC machined from solid brass and is then finished with a 5 micron thick 24-Carat coating of gold. Each pair of wood inserts on the sides of the phone is CNC machined from the same piece of solid Ebony wood to guarantee consistent grain structure on both sides of the phone. The hardwood is then inlayed into the gold plated frame and attached using gun-metal black stainless steel screws. The buttons of the 105GMT GOLD are sapphire crystal, hand painted with 24-Carat gold, to produce a front surface made entirely of sapphire crystal. All the lettering and symbols on the 105GMT GOLD are hand painted with 24-Carat gold. Using a unique painting process, the gold keypad visibly disappears and becomes illuminated when the keypad lights up, creating a dramatic effect when viewed in low light conditions.

The DiscoveryTM Watch Mechanism: Refinement in its purist form.

Classic yet modern, traditional and innovative, the 105GMT GOLD makes the most of its strengths, borrowing the conventions of the past and projecting them into the future. A perfect combination of Tradition and Modernity. The 105GMT GOLD incorporates a unique dual mechanical watch movement; the Discovery mechanism, allowing for the setting of two international time zones and using the electronic phone time for the local time, thus making it possible to view 3 times zones simultaneously. Each Swiss mechanical watch movement contains 25 jeweled bearings, performs 28,800 vibrations per hour, has 28 hours of power reserve, and is a self-winding automatic mechanism with ball-bearing.

The movements are attached with a Mobiado exclusive 3D shock absorbing system (patent pending), allowing the precision and delicate watch components to be used in the demanding everyday handling of a mobile phone. The Discovery mechanism case is CNC machined from brass and plated with 24-Carat gold. When the keypad lights up, both movements are illuminated, allowing the watches to be viewed in low light conditions. Each 105GMT GOLD has two 24-Carat gold plated crowns that are inset into the frame of the phone for the setting of time.

The Discovery mechanism incorporates a skeleton design with the front and back of the watch movements being completely open, allowing the intricate details of the watch mechanism to be fully visible while protecting the mechanisms with large sapphire plates. Even under the removable sapphire battery cover, the movements are protected by a second sapphire plate. Giving, the 105GMT GOLD an unprecedented total of 274 Carats of sapphire crystal.

The 105GMT Discovery mechanism is available in Diamond Option (26 diamonds); where the watch hours are set diamonds, and a diamond shaped “M” placed between the two watch mechanism becomes illuminated when the keypad lights up. All diamonds are of the highest quality.

The Internals: Merging state-of-the-art technologies with the tradition of phonemaking innovation.

The 105GMT GOLD is unlocked, quad-band GSM/EGSM and dual-band WCDMA network operational. It works within North America, Europe, Africa, Asia- Pacific, and South America where GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 850/2100 networks are available. It is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and video camera, more than 1 GB internal memory, 2″ display with up to 16 million colors, Bluetooth and micro USB connectivity, and a music player that supports AAC, eAAC+, and MP3 audio formats.


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