Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. Golden triumph


The phone case is made of pure gold, 180 g by weight, and encrusted with 45,5 K black diamonds so rarely occuring in nature. This dainty phone is immensely thin, only 12 mm over. Traditionally design of GRESSO phones presupposes use of wood, and Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot developers did not depart from that rule. Back panel of the phone is produced from 200-year-old African Blackwood.

Phone keyboard is another innovation from GRESSO. Every key is manufactured from single crystal sapphire polished manually with the help of diamond tool. Total carat weight is 32.

Images of figures and letters are applied with laser.

Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot will be produced in limited collection in triplicate. Personal number of the specimen is engraved on the back panel of the phone.

Phone Luxor Las Vegas Jack Pot price is $1 000 000.

The collection has been extended by a classical series of mobile phones – Luxor Las Vegas. The phone case made of solid gold is embellished with a bezel and an inset of 200-year-old Blackwood on the back panel.

Phone Luxor Las Vegas price is $ 20 000.

The Luxor Las Vegas Collection is expected on sale in August, 2010.


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