Galactic Suite Project has presented the first space tourism package to include preparation, transport and accommodation in an orbital hotel. The Barcelona-based space tourism company was formed by various professionals in the aerospace industry. The journey is likely to last 18 weeks, and the first tickets should go on sale in 2008 for around €3 million.

According to Xavier Claramunt and Marsal Gifra, the directors of Galactic Suite Project, “this is the first package deal, as it includes transport from the tourist’s home to the Caribbean island, the training required for journeys into orbit, the flight to the hotel and three nights’ accommodation in the Galactic Suite”.

Furthermore, the space tourists will also take part in scientific experiments. The company has already contacted various scientific organisations interested in making use of the space tourists in zero gravity to obtain samples.

Another attraction of this journey is the possibility to orbit the Earth 15 times every day, and to see 15 sunrises. The hotel will be located at a certain angle from the equator.

Orbital hotel chain

The Barcelona-based company is aiming to develop an “orbital hotel chain” with modular space accommodation based on the natural growth of a grapevine. The chain will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 450 km (300 miles) and will welcome its first guests in 2012. In addition to the space hotel, Galactic Suite Project is also planning a hotel complex on a Caribbean island to accommodate the tourists, as well as on the space shuttles that will transport the “space suites”.

Galactic Suite Project was set up in Barcelona in January 2007 by various architects, aerospace engineers and industrial engineers from Spain and the US. The founders have already made initial contact with Japanese and UAE private investors interested in investing in the project.


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