Dubai Customs celebrates the opening of Dubai Airport Terminal 3


Represented by Top Directors, senior Executive Directors and officers, Dubai Customs along with Civil Aviation, Emirates, Dubai Police Headquarters and Dubai Department of Naturalization and Residence took part in opening ceremony.

Prior to the official opening, a number of Executive Directors at Dubai Customs visited the new terminal to ensure the preparedness of customs team and view the security measures applicaple to the new terminal.

The Acting Director General of Dubai Customs accompanied by Director of Airports Operations Management, Director of Customer Service Operations and a number of other officials at Dubai Customs visited the Operations and Control Room at the new terminal.

The Operations and Control Room fitted with high-tech intelligence devices and equipment is manned by 27 employees dedicated to monitoring and control activities.

Other facilities at the Airport have also been visited to ensure final readiness of customs team and the applicable security precautions including the new devices in use at the new terminal prior to passengers arriving in. the employees found to be well prepared and on the mark to work and carry out their duties.

At the sides of the opening ceremony, Dubai Customs held a full and outstanding festive event included a spectacular band consisting of 5 clowns who performed spectacles delighted the arrivals removing from them pains of traveling.

Two clowns welcomed the arriving children drawing on their faces pictures and giving them out toys and school bags as memorial gifts.

Other clowns distributed flowers, chocolate and Dubai map to adult passengers where 2000 memorial gifts were distributed to the arrivals.

Some clowns comically and humorously simulated the arriving passengers giving them joy and mitigating pains of travel particularly those arriving from Toronto and Houston who spent over 13 hours in air. The ceremonial atmospheres continued until mid night of the same day.

Many passengers’ expressed their gratitude to Dubai Customs for such unexpected warm reception representing a surprise to them and their families.

The first flight landed in the new Airport arrived from Jeddah followed by other flights from Doha, Canada and USA.


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