The shipyard kept the event a private affair for the client, who hails from the Middle East and arrived for the occasion accompanied by family and close friends.

After a few words of greeting from CRN President Lamberto Tacoli, as well as the traditional breaking of the bottle, the stirring ceremony reached the point where “Hana” was launched down the ramp: a thrill for all present, further highlighted by the notes of the well known aria “Con te partirò”, as well as the heartfelt applause of those on hand.

There was great satisfaction at the shipyard for the completion of the vessel, which comes at a moment of historic commercial success and new investments in operating structures. At present, a full 22 vessels are simultaneously under construction at the Ancona complex, 13 of them under the CRN brand name: 7 custom projects in steel and aluminium, at lengths of 54 to 72 metres, and 6 semi-custom composite vessels, measuring from 40 to 43 metres.

“Hana”, which measures 43 metres in length and 8.6 metres in width, can easily hold 10 passengers and 9 crew members, and it navigates in complete comfort at a maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots.

Built in collaboration with the Zuccon International Project firm, the ship is set apart by the noteworthy size of its four decks and its extensive open-air zones, such as the covered well areas of the main deck and the upper deck, carved out of the majestic white hull.

Another distinctive characteristic of the CRN 43 line, though it has become a standard feature on many of the shipyard’s vessels, is the terrace on the owner’s suite, designed as a balcony large enough to hold a table and chairs for breakfast looking out on the ocean.


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