Sophisticated and alluring, Jasmin Noir is the latest addition to the collection of classic fragrances. Opening a new chapter in glamour and creativity, it offers a modern interpretation of one of the most precious flowers used in perfumery, the jasmine.

Jasmin Noir, or black jasmine, is a flower that kindles the imagination. Snow-white, delicate, and minute, at dusk it releases warm and sensual scents thus revealing a surprisingly hypnotic soul, dense with mystery. Jasmin Noir is the original sublimation of this duality, which transforms the precious and enigmatic flower into a metaphor: a flower of pure mystery.

Just as the pure nuances of jasmine petals contrast with their intense scent, the woman to whom Jasmin Noir is dedicated reveals a delicate yet seductive soul. This fragrance is her most precious secret: it begins with vibrant, fresh notes that melt into warm and enveloping aromas, to unveil its intriguing personality.

The two parfumeurs Carlos Benaïm and Sophie Labbé, started playing on this dualism to create an irresistibly audacious perfume, in an alternation of light and shade, a harmonious synthesis of lightness and depth, purity and voluptuousness.


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