BenQ Wins Six World-Renowned red dot Design Awards


A highly coveted accolade vied for by the world’s top companies, the red dot award for product design endows its recipients with a globally-respected reputation for innovative design, exceptional quality and high functionality.  BenQ’s honored products this year encompass five of the company’s extensive product lines: LCD monitors (V2400W), mobile phones (T60), projectors (the P1 Pocket Projector and cross-function MP512), digital cameras (C750) and LCD televisions (V37).

BenQ P1 Pocket Projector
The design of the P1 Pocket Projector comprehensively sums up the product’s adaptive usability and easy integration into today’s complex lives.  Its rounded shape symbolizes all-encompassing multi-functionality – from business to home, the P1 easily accommodates all projection needs.  In addition, its graceful style and soft lines brings a sense of simplicity and friendly ease to busy lives.  The P1’s square and circle form further extracts the essence of the Asian culture and philosophy, infusing it with a modern occidental edge for a unique design language.

BenQ MP512 Cross-Function Projector
BenQ’s MP512 cross-function projector not only captivates audiences with exceptional picture quality, but also with its simple and thorough styling which was inspired by the SAAB Aero X concept car.  In fact, the MP512’s curvaceous posterior, a side often neglected in conventional projectors when it comes to design, clearly mimics the European sports car.  Raised lines along the sides of the projector flare out, giving the MP512 the full-bodied stance of the SAAB Aero X.

BenQ T60 NFC Mobile Phone
BenQ’s T60 ultra-slim NFC mobile phone with extra-large screen is distinguished by chic aesthetics and smart functionality.  Designed as a fashion accessory along the lines of pocket-sized luxury goods such as fountain pens, money clips and card cases, the T60 enhances today’s digital lifestyle with its multi-functionality.  It performs NFC payment functions for public transportation fare and convenience store purchases, and downloads entertainment information through RFID. 

BenQ V2400W LCD Monitor
Exemplifying BenQ’s new Kinergy Design, a unique fusion of dynamic energy and kinetic beauty, the V2400W 24” widescreen LCD display embodies every red dot standard.  An asymmetrical stance and curvaceous rear design are visually unexpected and mesmerizing, while the product as a whole transforms computer hardware beyond the utilitarian to opulent art that expresses personal taste, social identity and lifestyle enjoyment. 

Audio waves of today’s HD home theatre experience lend a modern sculpture design to the V37 37” LCD television.  Perfectly proportioned to the large display screen, the speaker section draws interest with its pattern of criss-crossed wave forms – making it both visually soothing and a metaphor for sound waves.  The V37’s subtle blue stand-by light along the silver decorative base adds a premium accent and creates a tranquil ambience.

BenQ C750 Digital Camera
By using diverse textures, lines and materials, BenQ’s DC C750 conveys a spectrum of emotions and characteristics that bring this digital camera to life.  Simple yet dynamic curvature elements are visually soothing and ergonomically practical.  The leather texture of the handle provides a comfortable, secure grip while simultaneously imparting a durable, masculine assurance.  The camera’s metallic casing was inspired by the strong, solid characteristics of ore, which further reflects the DC C750’s quality and dependability.

“Since the inception of BenQ in 2001, we have received over 200 design recognitions from some of the world’s most prestigious international design committees. We’ve continued to redefine the industry not only with outstanding technology, but with our unique perspective that design is not only about the “look”, but a lifestyle enhancer that brings better experience and solutions to consumers,” Manfred Wang, Chief Design Officer, BenQ. “We will continue exploring our design potentials and infuse it with modern Western technology to create lifestyle products that brings enjoyment to our consumers.

As one of the most renowned and challenging international design competitions worldwide, the red dot award: product design competition is judged by a highly respected panel of international design experts.  The 2008 red dot award in product design drew a total 3,203 products from 51 nations.  Products are assessed according to such criteria as degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, ecological compatibility and clarity of function.  Only the most creative, innovative, and highest-quality products are honoured with the red dot symbol of excellence. 

Having won over 30 red dot awards for product design in just the last three years alone, BenQ will once again be present at the awards presentation to be held 23 June 2008 in the Essen Opera House of the Aalto Theatre.  All winning products will be exhibited from 24 June to 27 July 2008 at the red dot design museum on the premises of the “Zeche Zollverein” World Cultural Heritage Site.


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