A Sunny Summer With Magic Gardens Jewellery


Lilac amethysts, red rhodolites, honey-yellow citrines and white diamonds creating a delightful glacé effect are the kind of temptations one doesn’t even wish to resist. The gaily vibrant stones play with the light, creating sparks of colours, while a mischievous little gold bee with gem-set wings can be clipped or unclipped in order to change the length of the chain to fit the mood and outfit.

Bound to delight all those with a sweet tooth, the bonbon-shaped ring is adorned with a generous 14-carat citrine. Diamonds set into gold honeycomb motifs dance around the gem with its hexagonal cut and large polished table, admirably catching and reflecting the light.

These Piaget jewellery creations also exist in 18-carat white gold and fine gemstone versions.

Magic Gardens necklace, honey inspiration, 18-carat yellow gold set with citrines, rhodolites, amethysts and 18 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.79 cts).

Magic Gardens ring, honey inspiration, 18-carat yellow gold set with a citrine (approx. 16.04 cts) and 24 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.9 cts).


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