YCO signs WALLY to build Aeroyacht 110


Ben Bartlett, who heads up the specialised sail division of YCO and who masterminded the collaboration, hopes the first yachts to hit the water late 2011. “The levels of interest we have received in the Aeroyacht 110 so far indicate that this is an exciting and important development in the industry. This project will set new standards for performance cruising, combining an ecologically sound approach with both performance and luxury like never before. It was clear to us from the start that the choice of yard would be crucial to the concept’s ultimate success, and the synergies between the two brands made Wally our first and only choice for Aeroyacht. I am delighted that the partnership has been confirmed.” says Bartlett.

Wally has to date built nearly 40 advanced composite sailing yachts and the new facilities in Ancona will cement their position as world leaders in this area. The shipyard is one of the best equipped Pre-Preg composite facilities in the world, and boasts an impressive post-curing oven for yachts up to 80 meters. The yard technical office is highly specialised in the design, naval engineering, interior design and structural engineering of advanced composite yachts.

Gregor Tarjan, the founder of Aeroyacht said of the new relationship, “Wally is renowned for its groundbreaking designs, which constantly reinvent and reinterpret the traditional approach. Wally yachts are world class and stand alone both in performance and style. Given what we set out to achieve with the Aeroyacht 110 I don’t think there is a yard which could be better matched to us.”

Heading up naval architecture on each project will be performance multihull specialist Morrelli & Melvin, who will work closely with Aeroyacht and the shipyard. These are the famous multihull designers of world record cats such as “Playstation” and the US America’s Cup winner “Stars and Stripes” and their expertise brings further credibility to the program.

“Wally has been approached by several multihull designers but had never found a project which would reflect our concept of combining performance, style, comfort and safety” says Luca Bassani, Wally President and founder. “With the Aeroyacht 110 however, the technical characteristics and the aesthetics match those of our own yachts and I was immediately convinced that we would finally be able to apply our philosophies to this multihull.”

about YCO
YCO is a division of YCO Group Plc, a leading provider of services and fuel to the Super Yacht community. Headquartered in Monaco, YCO provides sales, purchase, charter and new construction services through its dedicated and professional client representation teams. It also has a highly experienced yacht and ship management department that is recognised as an industry innovator, introducing new levels of efficiency into yacht and ship management.

about Wally
Wally is a world leading builder of large, advanced composite yachts. The company introduced a new type of boat that in just a few years successfully changed the entire concept of sailing cruisers: easier, faster, safer, more comfortable and stylish. Wallypower boats share the same concept as the sailing yachts: to improve the boat by combining technology and design. Wally has been awarded with some of world’s most important international design prizes, such as the Compasso d’Oro and the Design Preis of the German Federal Republic. As of November 2009, Wally has built the equivalent of 8,260 feet (2,518 meters) of yachts.

about Aeroyacht
Aeroyacht International is a New York boutique-style company specialized in the design and creation of the world’s most exquisite superyacht catamarans. Founded by Gregor Tarjan who is a passionate multihull sailor, designer and internationally recognized author, his company strives to reach beyond the ordinary. Gregor Tarjan is considered one of the top multihull authorities and his line of Aeroyacht catamarans 85′-200′ (25-60m) are not only considered the most striking avant-garde sailing machines but reach performance levels beyond the fastest yachts without giving up luxurious accommodations and environmental design concepts. Inspired by grand-prix ocean racers and evolved from a blank sheet of paper the advanced Aeroyacht 110 catamaran has been recently nominated as one of the Finalists for the 2010 World Superyacht Design Award.


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