New exclusive GRESSO LUXOR


Luxurious nature is imparted to the phone by the play of contrasting surfaces of expensive and high-tech materials: African Blackwood, sapphire and ceramics – traditional decor of collection – which Gresso engineers use in a new Luxor. Case of the phone is produced from titanium alloy and coated with high-tech ceramics which, like the masterpieces of the Egyptian jeweler’s art, does not tarnish with the lapse of time. The technology was initially used only in the space industry and enabled GRESSO to create at the same time strong and superlight phone.

Using only innovative materials meeting the criteria of wear resistance and strength, Gresso engineers give special importance to the tactile properties of the phone. It is pleasing to hold Luxor in the hands as well as all the manufacturer’s phones. Tactile comfort is achieved by means of incredibly smooth surface of 200-year-old African Blackwood with which phone back panel is finished.

The front panel of new LUXOR is decorated with bezel made of planished steel with black PVD coating. Screen is enframed with 42-carat sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-glare treatment.
Innovative phone keyboard deserves special attention as every key is made of sapphire single crystal and polished manually by means of diamond tool.


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