Montblanc presents the “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Collection


With the sale of the “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Collection, Montblanc supports “Pro Mont Blanc” as an initiative for sustaining investment in the preservation and care of the natural beauty and uniqueness of this mountain region.

Homage to a Symbolic Mountain

Peaking in 4,810 metres, the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe, straddling the French and Italian border. Only few natural milestones have fascinated generations like the imposing Mont Blanc. Since the brand was founded over a century ago, Montblanc has been associated with Europe’s highest summit, using the mystical mountain’s name as its own. The six glaciers and the peak of the majestic mountain have become the brand’s emblem, widely recognized as a symbol of Montblanc’s commitment to excellence, exclusivity and enduring quality. Celebrating the natural beauty of the Mont Blanc, the Collection has been crafted using different stones and materials, reflecting the ice and rocky surfaces that make up Europe’s snowy summit.

The Montblanc Meisterstück

In its “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” collection, Montblanc has achieved to create the legendary Meisterstück in direct reminiscent of the highest mountain of Europe: the white colour symbolising the eternal ice and snowy peak of the Mont Blanc. A very fine engraving of the Mont Blanc range with the names and altitudes of the mountain peaks adorning the platinum-plated front.

Snow crystal at the top

The Montblanc emblem at the top of the cap has been crafted from snow crystal to reflect the glaciers of the Mont-Blanc-massif and its eternal ice. It is the only collection in which the emblem is cut from snow quartz.

“Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Jewellery Collection and Leather Pieces

 The beauty of the Mont Blanc, its clear shapes and colours characterise the timeless elegant design of the “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” jewellery lines for men and women. The masterly finished precious stones and valuable materials turn each of these pieces of jewellery into a commitment of elegant aesthetics and consistent craftsmanship

 The pure white of the Mont Blanc glaciers is also the inspiration behind the collection’s accessories crafted from fine imprinted white leather. Every piece of this Limited Edition has the imprinted “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” signet and a Montblanc emblem enclosed by a palladium-coated ring – paying homage to the highest mountain of Europe.


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