A meeting between ICEHOTEL and Ljuslaboratoriet (The Lighting Laboratory) at the Royal Institute of Technology a few months back resulted in the master class course Lighting Design – Winter landscape and buildings.

The participants of the course are already working in areas such as architecture, design and light engineering. They are also graduating from the international master class programme architectural Lighting Design.

Lighting design is more than just lighting. It is about a new understanding of how you, with the help of light, can create and enhance the experience of an area. The foundation of this is knowledge of the esthetical, psychological and biological effects of light.

The project’s purpose is, for ICEHOTEL, to learn about what can be made with ice and snow in combination with light. The challenge lies in the meeting between the warm light energy and the cold winter landscape. The light will be an attraction in itself and will take the visitor on a journey in time and space – from the depth of the earth to the Milky Way and onwards into space. The journey starts as soon as you set your foot on the premises.

It is the first time that ICEHOTEL works with lighting design in this particular way and the expectation is for the lighting to become a sight that will attract visitors from year to year.

The Lighting Laboratory’s cooperation with ICEHOTEL leads to better understanding of the conditions for working in extreme and cold environments, and furthermore a chance to study the spectacular blue light that is so typical for northern Sweden.


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