• The 45th European Infiniti Centre will be inaugurated in October in Luxembourg.
  • The Infiniti range is now available for customer test drives and sales.
  • The premium car market share in Luxembourg is as high as 25 percent of overall 50,000 annual sales.
  • The showroom of Infiniti Centre Luxembourg benefits from one of the busiest avenues in the Grand Duchy, only a 10-minute drive from the capital.
  • An elegant architecture and a “Lounge-Gallery” interior common to all Infiniti Centres in Europe
  • A tailor-made atmosphere for an exceptional model range: G37 sedan – Coupe – Cabrio, EX and FX Crossovers, and M luxury sedan including M35h Hybrid version.

The Luxembourg Infiniti Centre is located at 535, route de Thionville in Alzingen, on the main avenue leading directly from Metz to the capital of the Grand Duchy. It has easy access from the city centre.

Bailly-Lentz Group, the official representatives of Infiniti in Luxembourg, already distribute the Nissan brand. Construction of the Infiniti Centre will be completed in September and official opening is planned for October. The Infiniti sales team already welcomes customers, providing test drives and immediate deliveries of models.

The 450 m2 showroom will be supported by Infiniti adjoining mechanical workshop and body shop. The sales team is managed by Patrick Carmier, reporting to shareholders Stéphane Bailly & Patrick Lahr. First full-year sales are expected to exceed one hundred cars.

The Centre reinforces the brand’s positioning following the opening of Infiniti centres in Paris, Brussels and Antwerp. It is in keeping with other European Centres with its large windows and modern, luxurious interior. Designed according to the Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative (IREDI), the sales area has been thought out in the aim of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Customers entering the Luxembourg Centre will be able to appreciate Infiniti’s lineup: Infiniti G sedan, coupe and convertible; Infiniti M luxury sedan; EX coupe crossover; FX, the brand’s iconic performance crossover – as well as the all-new 3-litre V6 diesel engines. And also the all-new star of the brand, the luxury M sedan with the M35h’s groundbreaking hybrid powertrain.

The experience of purchasing a vehicle has been redefined by a concept which constitutes the “DNA” of the brand: the “Total Ownership Experience”, which recognises and values the customer. This is the promise that purchasing an Infiniti will always be a stress-free experience in a modern, welcoming environment, combining skills with expertise to make of such a car an exciting, rewarding and hassle-free experience in daily use.

Everything has been worked out perfectly for customers to move in this elegant, modern environment similar to the prestigious business hotels they often stay in around the world in the week’s time.

A huge HD screen, known as i-View, is available to customers to help in their selection of model and equipment; with a 3D representation of the cars they can visualize the interior trim, colour and wheel variants before making their final choice. Additionally, the Welcome Lounge provides a Wifi access to fulfill customers’ wishes.

Stéphane Bailly and Patrick Lahr, Infiniti distributors in Luxembourg and Guillaume Pelletreau, Infiniti Sales Director Europe, are very enthusiastic about the development of the brand and comment:

– The first foundation stone is the development of the Infiniti retail network, with 78 Centres targeted by 2013. Luxembourg is the 45th Infiniti Centre to open in Europe since October 2008.

– The second stone is the introduction of new EX and FX diesel models and M fitted with the V6 Diesel. And also the first hybrid model in the range with the M35h, resulting from the Alliance’s new clean technology.


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