Epic Elite VLJ Now the Fastest Gun in the West!


“It’s exciting to see this kind of performance,” Epic’s CEO, Rick Schrameck, said. “We always knew we were building the fastest VLJ out there, but now we’ve proved it!”

The Elite is powered by two Williams Jet FJ-33-4 engines which deliver 3120 pounds of thrust, taking the VLJ to FL410 in less than 17 minutes. Its range at economy cruise is more than 1600 miles with reserves and 1330 lbs. of usable payload after fuel. The state-of-the-art cockpit features the all-glass Garmin G900X panels and the Elite will be RVSM compliant. True to design for all Epic Aircraft, the Elite can take off with all the seats occupied, full fuel and luggage.

“We’re faster than Phenom 100 and way faster than the Eclipse 500,” Schrameck said with a smile.

Epic’s Elite and Victory VLJs made their world debuts at the AirVenture fly-in last summer in Oshkosh, WI. Along with the company’s wildly successful Epic LT turboprop, the new, hightech all composite jets drove more than $60,000,000 in gross sales from the two shows combined.


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