Endless integration – BeoVision 7-40 just got better


BeoVision 7-40 has always been a state-of-the-art TV, but by implementing a Blu-ray player and a DVB-HD module, Bang & Olufsen takes this TV to a whole new level of integration. In addition to support of the highest quality video formats, BeoVision 7-40 offers freedom of choice between a plethora of placement options and different loudspeakers, and the optional Blu-ray player and DVB-HD module further add to idea of complete customisation. Finally, the endless connection possibilities enable the expansion of the system with a multitude of home integration possibilities making BeoVision 7-40 the centre of your home.

Integrated Blu-ray player
The standard DVD optical drive of BeoVision 7-40 is replaced with an optional built-in Blu-ray drive. The fact that you can select a solution where the Blu-ray player is built-in is rather unique and Bang & Olufsen is one of the very few suppliers to offer this. The Blu-ray player includes the so-called BD Live feature which presents a range of extra interactive possibilities via the Internet, such as additional material, film trailers etc.
Optimized picture performance
BeoVision 7-40 integrates the sophisticated Bang & Olufsen video engine which offers some of the best video signal processing on the market. In addition, Bang & Olufsen has now included double frame rate technology, also known as 100Hz, with motion compensation. As a consequence, the picture refresh rate of BeoVision 7-40 has been doubled compared to conventional LCD TVs, and the inherent blur of LCD technology has thus been reduced significantly.  

The loudspeaker of your choice
Although it is a flat screen TV, BeoVision 7-40 offers anything but flat sound. Independent of the user’s preferences, BeoVision 7-40 provides the best sound experience in all kinds of situations. With two dedicated loudspeakers to choose from, BeoVision 7-40 can be tailored to the individual sound setup in the home.

BeoLab 7-2 is the stereo loudspeaker unit, which is designed as a genuine hi-fi loudspeaker concept and optimised for television sound. BeoLab 7-4 is the centre loudspeaker unit which is optimised for its place in a fantastic surround sound experience. 

Optional DVB HD module
The digital video broadcast module has been upgraded to DVB-HD for high definition programme reception. This optional module is mounted on the video engine of BeoVision 7-40, which means that full HD signals can be shown in all their razor-sharp glory on BeoVision 7-40. The module supports reception of terrestrial signals as well as signals from selected cable programme providers.
Freedom in placement
The BeoVision 7-40 concept is one of the very few flat screen TVs designed specifically with floor placement in mind still offering the flexibility of turn and tilt via the Beo5 remote control to your favourite viewing position. However, we also offer a number of alternative placement possibilities such as close to the wall or table top solution. The available colour palette further adds to this freedom, by offering a choice between six different colours – natural aluminium, black, dark grey, red, blue and a new golden.
Centre of intelligent home
BeoVision 7-40 is the cornerstone in the intelligent home as it is a fantastic hub for combining audio and video experiences with other home automation systems. To many customers, home automation is becoming more and more interesting, and due to increasingly sophisticated interfaces, Bang & Olufsen customers can actually control and operate all their A/V and home automation equipment from the programmable Beo5 remote control all over the house. Control of light settings plus access to security systems, ventilation, curtains, pool cover, burglar alarm etc. are only some of the countless possibilities.


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