Basel 2008: Chronoswiss Imperia and Imperator Diamond Watches


Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend. They are also timeless in their beauty; predestined to embellish select timepieces with feminine glamour. Since 2001, Chronoswiss has crowned its watches with the shiny precious gems, ticking in a certain luxury.

Alongside the Kairos model, which combines its diamond jewels on the bezel with purist stainless steel, Chronoswiss now entices its customers in 2008 with a completely new luxury version of its precious timekeepers: the Imperia and Imperator couple launched last year is now being introduced with diamond embellishment just in time for Baselworld 2008. The bezels of the extravagant rectangular cases are set with 72 (Imperia) and 94 (Imperator) of the glittering white brilliant-cut stones respectively. The fully paved version is even more exclusive: the entire case is lavishly set with the magnificently shiny gems – around 200 diamonds on the Imperia and more than 300 on the Imperator – making the wrist a guaranteed eye-catcher.

Another new element is represented by the diamonds themselves: until now it was only white gems that shone on Chronoswiss’s timepieces. As of now, the collection exhibits some variety in color, however. Whether secretly shimmering in black or elegant brown hues, these gemstones underscore the beauty of the case in conjunction with the dial, lending the entire work of horological art an additional charming facet. Despite diamond fever, one thing is clear: for Chronoswiss, it is the timelessness of the design that remains in the foreground; above all, it is the famous inner values that are so important. If these are in order, then there is nothing at all wrong with a luxurious tick.


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