2009 Innotech Corvette C6


Engine modifications (basic upgrades listed , see engine section for more options):
1. LS2 6.0L NA upgraded to approx. 500 hp on pump gasoline (93 Octane or higher)
2. LS3 6.2L NA modified to approx. 560 hp on pump gasoline (93 Octane or higher)
3. LS2 6.0L supercharged with Procharger (600 hp on stock engine), 800 hp on modified engine
4. LS2 6.0L supercharged with MagnaCharger (approx. 600 hp)
5. LS3 6.2L supercharged with Procharger (630 hp on stock engine), 850+ hp on built engines
6. LS3 6.2L supercharged with Magnacharger (approx. 630 hp)
7. LS3 6.2L twin turbo (700 – 1000 hp on built engines)

Clutch & Flywheel Packages:
Fidanza, SPEC, EXEDY and CARBONETIC flywheels and performance clutches (single, twin or tripple disc ). See Clutch & Flywheel section for details
Exhaust System Packages:
CORSA and BORLA performance systems, modified headers, mufflers and tips for better sound, flow and appearance (see Exhausts section for details)
Brakes Packages:
BAER and BREMBO performance brake systems (actual selection may be wider, see brakes section for details)
Wheels Packages:
HRE and Forgeline forged performance wheels, Dymag forged magnesium-carbon wheels (see wheels section for details)
Tires Packages:
Michelin Pilot Sport 2 , Pirelli P Zero Nero supercar street tires, Hoosier track day tires (see tires section for details)

Carbon SuperSport (CSS) Package which makes INNOTECH C6 coupe an aggressively light-weight front engine supercar

1. Carbon fibre rear fascia
2. Carbon fibre rear fenders
3. Carbon fibre diffuser
4. Carbon fibre hood (vented World Challenge type or OEM design)
5. Carbon fibre/magnesium Dymag wheels (19×10 front and 20×12 rear)
6. Carbon composite brakes (ZR1)
7. Carbon fibre rear wing
8. Carbon fibre rear window side louvres
9. Carbon fibre sports seats (driver and passenger)
10. Carbon fibre interior parts
11. Carbon fibre drive-shaft
12. Carbon fibre clutch
13. Carbon fibre engine valve covers
14. Carbon fibre engine cover
15. Carbon fibre battery
16. Carbon fibre helmets (for track days)

Wide body packages:
Complete wide body package includes Z06 OEM front carbon fibre + rear fender package in combination with new INNOTECH Z06 front fascia.

Rear wide body kit = rear OEM Z06 fender package combined with INNOTECH C6 front fascia



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